We made it!

Greetings from a hotel with beds, running water, and wifi! Aaahhh… 

More to come on our climb, including day by day details, but in the meantime we have an announcement. At midnight on Thursday night, Brad, Nick, and I started our final ascent to the top of Kili. We had 4,000 feet left, and it was the most difficult thing – physically and mentally – that any of us have done. But, we did it! As of 6:30 am, with about a third of the oxygen that we normally get, we climbed to the crater rim and watched the sun rise over Africa. Then, up to the tallest peak at 8am. It was the most amazing thing in the world. More to come (our iPad charger no longer works!) in the next few days. We have some great stories to share ;). 
In other news, Madeleine The Cat is doing great with Auntie Jenny. We hope that she’ll come home with us when we get back! (Well, Brooke hopes…Brad appears on the fence). 🙂
Thankful for your love and support (esp to our parents),

4 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Maddie is doing great but she looks out the window for you so rest assured she’ll be happy to see you at the end of the month. Erik has been sleeping with her blanket (nasty) so she’s got her own special pillow at our house now. Glad to see you’re having a blast and we miss you guys!

  2. I’m SO glad you made it and can’t wait to hear all about your adventurous trek. Enjoy the safari and give hugs to everyone at Amani!

  3. So proud of Brooke & Brad for conquering your first time attempt that takes many people numerous attempts! Also congrats on engagement !! Brad what a great place to pop the question. Welcome to a great family, I was the first 36 years ago. We are there when ever needed !love to both of you enjoy the rest of your adventure !

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