More Updates to Come

Dubrovnik City WallsMontenegro - Tara RiverOn the Adriatic Sea

Well, we are back in the states and back in the ole work saddle – Brad actually headed out this morning at 7AM for a work trip! We had rough internet the last few weeks of the trip, so we will be updating the blog for each location we went to over the next few days. Our trip was perfect; no flight delays or lost luggage…and we had an amazing time. Some quick recaps:

Favorite food: African

Favorite country: Tanzania

Favorite city: Dubrovnik

Favorite region: Croatia/Montenegro

Least favorite city: Bratislava

Least favorite food: Irish

Favorite day: Kili summit!

Unread emails in Brooke’s inbox after being gone for a month: 1906 – that’s pretty good!

So, more to come. What an amazing, incredible journey. Very happy to be home with family and friends. Brad’s Bratislava recap is up next…and get ready, cause it’s a good one. Let’s just say that Eurotrip (the movie) nailed Bratislava on the head.



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